3 Simple you can take immediately when faced with a plumbing problem

Got a leaking, clogged or burst pipe at home? Faced with such emergency situations, we are forced to make rash decision on finding the right plumber in Singapore to help us.

Clogged toilets, leaking water pipes, or a blocked sink and any plumbing problems are, to us are terrifying, but we all need to nail the practical stuff that comes our way. Before you go running like headless cockroaches, below are 3 simple tips you can use to stop any possible plumbing issues temporary before a professional arrives.

1) Turn off the main Water Pipe

For many of us, when we are suddenly faced with an emergency pipe bust or tap leak, you are usually confused with the right steps to take to avoid incurring more damage. Damaging range from wet flooring to damage carpentry in toilet areas.

If you are face with a bust pipe or spoilt leaking tap, the first step to take is to turn off the main water pipe that links to your home. Once you have taken this step, you need to start searching for the cause and follow the pipe that links to nearest switch valve and have it turn off.

2) Turn off the switch valve that connects to the damage pipe / tap

By turning the switch valve that connects to the damage pipe / tap, you can once again turn on the main water pipe to avoid disrupting others from using the toilets or others taps available at your place.

3) Contact a reliable plumber in Singapore

Once you have taken care of the above, contact a reliable plumber near you to have them come over to fix the issue. Give a briefly description of your problems and possible information to avoid having your plumbing contractor coming over and not bringing the necessary tools to have the problem fixed.